Triathlon is like any other sport – the first step is getting off the couch and out the door. However, before you start your training it is very important to visit a sports medicine centre. Our body need to be checked every year. You take your car to regular inspections, why not yourself! In addition, cardiac stress test gives you a lot of information about your body’s abilities, the doctor gives you information about your heart rate zones to start off your training. 

More information about cardiac stress tests and health examinations 


We recommend starting with faster paced walking or Nordic walking if you’ve never done endurance sports or has a long pause from it. Aerobic aka slow-paced exercising train your heart and lungs and help you get in shape and improve. 

Do not start with a very high pace when you start running. The end goal is to run 40-60 minutes with s slow heart rate. Try to have 4-5 training sessions in a week. Which discipline to focus on the most depends on which of them is your weakest one, but you should not forget the other two as well.  




We’re here to support you with weekly training plans. With the help of professional endurance sports coach Karmen Reinpõld you can face the summer season in good shape by steadily increasing your training load. 

The focus is on having a diverse training plan and the balance of intense and aerobic training sessions. You should include different test competitions during the winter and spring season as well to see where you already have improved and what you still need to work on. 





With our partner Kalev SPA we made a couple of swimming introduction videos. Coach Cevin Anders Siim shows in the videos how to start and what to keep you mind on when swimming. If you feel like swimming alone is not for you and you need the support of a group, then Kalev SPA’s adult swimming courses are just right for you. More information here: -