Move for Ukrainian triathletes

23rd AUGUST 2024

Rocca al Mare Centre, Tallinn


Organizer: MTÜ Sportlik Eesti







START: 19:00

Distance: 3,2km

This is not a competition, but a charity event to support Ukrainian triathletes. No winners will be awarded, but there will be timing and all result will be presented in an alphabetical order.

Both running and walking are allowed.





Age limits


The charity event is open for everyone.


Registration and start number pick-up


The entry to the event is a donation, which will go to support young Ukrainian triathletes with their accommodation, training and competing costs. You can choose the amount of the donation. The donation will reach the young Ukrainian triathletes through Ukranian triathlon federation. The donation amounts to choose from are as follows:

• 10 eurot

• 20 eurot

• 30 eurot

• 50 eurot

• 100 eurot


All the donations will fully be transferred to the Ukrainian triathlon federation to support the triathletes. 

Pre-registration is open online until 20th August 2024 at

Registration and donations are open at the race centre before the start as well.

Onsite registration and start material pick-up at the race Centre in Rocca al Mare is open on Friday, 22nd August, at 10.00-20.00, and on Friday, 23rd August, at 10.00-18.45.

You’ll need to show an ID to pick up you start number. 


Donation includes:

• Donations to support young Ukrainian triathletes will be transferred to the Ukrainian triathlon federation in 7 working days after the event. 

• Professional organization by MTÜ Triatloniakadeemia and MTÜ Sportlik Eesti 

• Start number

• Timing




Water will be available at the finish. 




The course goes from Rocca al Mare centre to the surrounding roads and back. The start and finish will be in the front of Rocca al Mare centre.




The timing chip will be attached to the back of the start number. 


Time limits


Finish will be closed at 19.40. 



Medical aid


The organizers provide medical aid during the event and after finish.