Tallinn Open Triathlon

24th of July, 2022

Tallinn, Lake Harku, and its surroundings


NGO Triatloniakadeemia, city of Tallinn
www.triatloniakadeemia.ee voistlused@triatloniakadeemia.ee

Race director: Kirke Piiskoppel
Tel: +372 5850 3370, E-mail: kirke@triatloniakadeemia.ee

Head judge: Eero Raudsepp
Tel: +372 5647 3479, E-mail: eero.raudsepp@triatlon.ee 






1st start: 0,375 km swim, 10 km bike, 2,5 km run (F/M elite, youth B, youth A, juniors)

2nd start: 1,5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run (F/M 20 – 80+, teams)

3rd start: 0,15 km swim, 4 km bike, 1 km run (children C, D, E)

Tallinn Open triathlon is a part of the CREO Estonian Triathlon Cup series for all age groups.

Tallinn Open triathlon will host Estonian Championships for all age groups.




1. Start 2. start 3. start








Sunday, 24. July  
08:00 Race center is open
8.00-17.00 Race material pick up and on spot registration (will end 15 minutes before closing the respective race`s transition area)
9.00-9.45 Transition area check in for 1. start
10.00 1.START (Elite men)
10.02 1.START (Elite women)
10.04 1. START (men B, A, juniors)
10.06 1. START (women B, A, juniors)
10.50-11.15 Transition area is opened for check out for 1. start
11.15-12.15 Transition area check in for 2. start
11.45 Award ceremony for 1. start
12.30 2. START (F/M 20 – 80+)
12.35 2.START (teams)
15.15-16.40 Transition area is opened for check out for 2. start
16.40-17.15 Transition area check in for 3. start
17.30 3. START (boys C, D, E)
17.32 3. START (girls C, D, E)
17.55-18.15 Transition area is opened for check out for 3. start
18.20 Award ceremony for 2.start and 3. start


Race License


License is mandatory for all individual competitors. Having a license is an international practice; it will provide insurance for the license holder in case of an accident during the race, a chance to participate in and receive points in the Estonian Cup.

If you do not have a seasonal license, it is possible to buy a one-day license from Estonian Triathlon Union at the race center.

More information about licenses from Estonian Triathlon Union: info@triatlon.ee


Age limits


Only age groups specified in the regulations are allowed in the race. Underage competitors must have an approval from a parent/guardian.



Age groups


Age groups are separate for men and women, boys and girls.


1. start 0,375/10/2,5

Youth B: born 2007-2008

Youth A: born 2005-2006

Juniors: born 2003-2004


2. start 1,5/40/10

N/M 20-24: bron 1998–2002

N/M 25-29: born 1993–1997

N/M 30-34: born 1988–1992

N/M 35-39: born 1983–1987

N/M 40-44: born 1978-1982

N/M 45-49: born 1973-1977

N/M 50-54: born 1968-1972

N/M 55-59: born 1963-1967

N/M 60-64: born 1958-1962

N/M 65-69: born 1953-1957

N/M 70-74: born 1948-1952

N/M 75-79: born 1943-1947

N/M 80+ : born 1942 and earlier

Teams: all male, all female, mixed


3. start 0,15/4/1

Lapsed E: born 2013-2014

Lapsed D: born 2011-2012

Lapsed C: born 2009-2010


Registration and fees


Pre-registration is open online on www.triatloniakademia.ee until 20th June 2022. On spot registration, re-registration (10€) and issuing of race materials is opened according to the program. Materials will be issued until 15 minutes before respective race`s transition area is closed. The competitor must show an ID with a picture to obtain race materials. License is mandatory for all individual competitors.


Every competitor (parent/guardian for underage) must accept the general rules of the competition and the hold-harmless agreement. Transferring your participation is not allowed. The organizers have the right to refuse to register a participant should they find it necessary. Registration fees will not be refunded if the event is cancelled due to force majeure.


Tallinn Open triathlon registration fees include:

- Professional organizing by NGO Triatloniakadeemia

- A finisher medal in all starts

- A diploma (downloadable online)


Tallinn Open triathlon Until 17.04.2022 18.04.-19.06.2022 20.06.-20.07.2022 On the spot
1. start (0,375+10+2,5) 20 € 20 € 20 € 45 €
2. start (1,5+40+10) 69 € 79 € 89 € 109 €
2. start (1,5+40+10) TEAMS 110 € 120 € 130 € 150 €
3. start (0,15+4+1) 7 € 7 € 10 € 15 €


Registration is confirmed only after receiving the payment. The time of the payment (not the time of the registration) is the basis for the registration fee.

By registering the participant (parent/guardian for children) confirms that they are responsible for their own (child’s) health and agrees that the organizer is not responsible for any medical incidents and breaking or losing of personal property.



Competition rules 


The general rules of World Triathlon (available here) and the competitors guide (available here) apply at the race. Competitors accept World Triathlon rules and the terms of competitors guide by registration. Additionally, the Estonian Highway codes apply. The competitors follow the World Anti-Doping Code. 

Each participant must be ready for doping control.  

Refusing or evading doping control is considered an obstruction of the doping rules.


Race briefings 


Race briefing for Tallinn Open triathlon will be held 10 minutes before the start in the start area. 




Drafting is allowed in the 1st and 3nd starts. Women are allowed to draft behind women and men are allowed to draft behind men.  


In starts 1 and 3 the following requirements for bikes apply: 

  • Only traditional handlebars may be used, with capped handlebar.
  • The use of tempo handlebars is not allowed. 
  • Disc wheels and drink bottles which are attached to the handlebar are not permitted. 
  • Wheels must have at least 12 spokes and there must be a brake on both. 


Drafting is not allowed in the 2nd start.

The drafting zone is 10m. Referees will control abiding the drafting rules. The violation of rules will result in a 1-minute time penalty which must be carried out in the penalty box on the bike course. Penalty for repeated incorrect drafting is disqualification. 

NB! Bikes will be checked at transition zone check in. 



Competition referees 


Estonian Triathlon Union referees.




There is a 3-person protest-commission at all events: competition organizers representative, Estonian Triathlon Union (ETU) representative of the board and Estonian Triathlon Union representative of the technical committee. Protest-commission exact names will be announced on the competition day.   Protests concerning an other athlete, equipment or judge must be presented to the head judge 15 minutes after the last competitor has finished. 

Protests must be submitted after the competition to the ETU technical committee. 

NB! The penalties for drafting cannot be protested! 

In 2022 the protest fee is 50 euros, which will be returned if the protest is satisfied. 





1st and 3rd start are mass starts. 2nd start is running start.  Swimming is in the Harku Lake and 1 lap in all starts. In all starts wetsuit is recommended but forbidden if the water temperature on race day 1 hour before the start is 22°C or more (60 – 80+ age groups 24,6 °C or more).



The bike course is around Tallinn and its surrounding roads. The penalty box is in the end of bike course just before the transition zone.



The run course is in the Harku Lake surrounding roads. 


Transition zone 

Transition zone is in the Harku Lake public beach.  The competitor has to present their race number to get in the transition zone. Only competitors, referees and organizers are allowed in the area.  

NB! Only the competitor themself may enter or leave the transition area with the race gear (including no relatives). Bike, helmet and other equipment must be checked in with time to spare, in order to have time to make adjustments if necessary.  


Security of transition area 


The transition area is surrounded with a fence. The competitor must bring their race gear in on time and after the race remove the gear at the scheduled time. The gear that is left behind will be taken to the registration tent. 

During the competition bikes will be guarded by people chosen by the organizers. 


Aid stations 


Water and isotonic drink are available on the run course for the 2nd start. Water is available at the finish for all distances. 




Timing chips are provided by race organizers and must be returned to them after the race. If the chip is lost, the competitor must pay for it (70 euros). There are several timing points along the course in order to give the competitors separate splits for swimming, cycling and running, in addition to the over-all time. 


Time limits 


1. start (youth B, youth A, juniors) swim + bike + run: 1h 10min  

2. start (F/M 20 – 80+) Swim+ bike+ run: 4h

3. start (children C, D, E) Swim+ bike+ run: 35min


Awards ceremonies 


Prizes will be given to the three best competitors of each age group, all competitors will get a diploma (downloadable online). In order to receive your prize, you must be present at the ceremony. In case the competitor cannot participate in the ceremony, their coach or representative can accept the prize. You cannot receive your prize after the ceremony. 


Medical aid 


Race organizers provide a medical aid point at the race center during the whole race and lifeguards during swimming. 



Lost and found 


All items found will be taken to registration tent. Inquiries about lost and found items after the race should be sent to voistlused@triatloniakadeemia.ee. The organizers store the lost and found for 7 days after the race. 


Parking and traffic on race day 


It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the police, referees, and traffic controllers when parking and during the competition. 


The organizer has the right to make changes in the regulations. All changes will be announced on website: www.triatloniakadeemia.ee